Not your typical kennel:

At The Dog House, boarding your pet is quite different than taking him or her to a large kennel facility. Each morning, your dog’s day begins with a short play session, quickly followed by breakfast while the daycare troops arrive.

Throughout the day, your dog will interact with all of the canine daycare goers. He or she will not be stuck in a kennel throughout the day. Your dog will also be incorporated into all daycare activities and playgroups, indoor and outdoor.  If they are social with other dogs, they will have extensive playtime out of their kennels throughout the day.


We do not need to meet your dog prior to their first visit.  We accept all breeds, however, we do reserve the right to exclude certain dogs based on temperament for the safety of themselves as well as the other dogs.  We do not have an age restriction.  We just require puppies to have Bordatella and Distemper current for their age.  We require them to have Rabies when they reach 4 months.  Dogs must be people friendly. Proof of Distemper, Rabies and Bordatella vaccines must be current and on file by 6pm of the evening before your arrival in order to confirm your reservation.  Due to privacy policies of veterinary clinics, we can not call your vet for you to obtain these records.  We will no longer be offering Bordatella at our facility due to its lack of effectiveness for up to two weeks from the time given, however, we will honor it up to a year from the date it is given from your vet.  

You are welcome to come check out your dog during their overnight stay if you would like them to join you for your own activities.  The cost is the same whether they participate in daycare with us or go out with you for the day.

There are a few different sleeping arrangements that your dog could have, depending on their size, temperament and physical needs.   (Click on the slide-out menu next to Boarding or Daycare menus for rates.)  It really is a nice vacation for your dog while you are away.

Non-neutered males over 6 months are no longer accepted at The Dog House.

No female dogs in heat will be accepted.  Dog-aggressive dogs and those with special needs due to injury, age, or owner preference are required to reserve a suite, as they cannot board in the same area as the other guests, for the safety of themselves as well as the other dogs.  They also require more personalized care and space to keep them comfortable.

We ask that you provide your dog’s food and any medications they need for their stay. We will provide the bowls, leashes, and bedding.

Cancellation Policy for Overnight Boarding or Daycare:
Cancellations must be made no later than the morning of your dog’s check-in date.  If you do not cancel by then and we are at capacity, you will be charged for your dog’s stay when you check your dog in on their next stay.