Why Daycare For Dogs?

The purpose of dog daycare is to provide stimulation, exercise, and socialization for your pet. Your dog’s personality can be strongly influenced by the amount of physical and mental stimulation he or she receives on a daily basis.

The daycare session also includes a nap time mid-day, which is always well needed.  They play with their canine buddies in playgroups according to their size and/or temperment, or we may accommodate them as they feel most comfortable. They play with the staff of The Dog House in a safe and supervised environment.  Your dog can enjoy the warm sun while they play in the pools all summer, or just relax with plenty of shade.  In the winter they love romping out in the snow, however, we also have a large indoor play area with all artificial grass as well.  The Dog House has controlled temperatures inside the building for the dogs, as well as a very clean environment with circulated air.


We do not need to meet your dog prior to their first visit.  However, we do reserve the right to exclude certain dogs based on temperament for the safety of themselves as well as the other dogs.  We do not have an age restriction.  We just require puppies to have Bordatella and Distemper current for their age.  We require them to have Rabies when they reach 4 months.  We will also accommodate dogs that are not spayed or neutered (see note below in green).  Dogs must be people friendly. Proof of Distemper, Rabies and Bordatella vaccines must be current prior to leaving your dog.  Due to privacy policies of veterinary clinics, we can not call your vet for you to obtain these records.  For your convenience, we carry the Bordatella intranasal vaccine and can administer upon check-in if your pet’s is showing expired on their record, or they never had one. It is just $20 and will save you a trip to your vet.  Please understand, however, that it may not be fully effective for up to 2 weeks after it is given.

Non-neutered males over 6 months will not participate in group activities without prior approval.

Cancellation Policy for Overnight Boarding or Daycare:
Cancellations must be made no later than the night prior to your dog’s check-in date.  If you do not cancel prior to the night before and we are at capacity, you will be charged for your dog’s stay when you check your dog in on their next stay.