What to Bring

Whether your dog is staying overnight with us, or just coming to spend the day in daycare, here is a list of things to bring with you for your dog.  Reservations are required for boarding and daycare, as we fill up often and do not accept same-day reservations.


  • Current vaccine record (for both daycare and boarding dogs) – This can be anything from your vet showing the expiration dates for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella.  We do carry the Bordatella here and can administer at check-in if needed.  Please understand, however, that it may not be fully effective for up to 2 weeks after it is given. We will honor Bordatella up to a year from the date given.

For overnight boarding dogs only:

  • FOOD (required for overnight boarding) – Dogs can have very sensitive tummies, and don’t always react well when their diet is changed, so please bring their food.
  • Medications (if needed) – We are happy to administer any type of medications your dog takes while they stay with us for no extra charge, whether it be in pill form, liquid form, or injectable form.  We want them to be as comfortable as if they are at home here.

For sanitation purposes, as well as your convenience, please do not bring any bedding or bowls for your dog.  We will provide all bedding and bowls for your dog’s stay.

For cats only:

  • Food
  • Litter box and litter