Our Story

Greetings, and welcome to The Dog House!  My name is Rebecca Bean, and I am one of the owners of The Dog House.  I have been a local in Colorado for years but am originally from California. I have spent many years before owning The Dog House as a teacher. Along side of that, I received my certification as a dog trainer in 2003.  My desire to open a dog daycare and kennel business had been in my heart for many years.  Even as a teacher, I had always tried to find ways to incorporate my dog into my lessons with my classes.  I had an 8-year-old German Shepherd Dog named Shach who I suddenly lost to bloat in 2011. I had done much training with him over the years including a lot of obedience as well as agility for fun.  He was certified as a Canine Good Citizen, as well as approved as a therapy dog, and he had just recently earned his certification as a service animal to help look after my young daughter.

Finally, the opportunity of owning my own dog business presented itself to me one summer several years ago after coming up to Breckenridge for a vacation. I fell in love with the area.  After going home and finding out that, due to school budget cuts, my teaching contract was not renewed, I started making arrangements to purchase The Dog House here in Breckenridge.

The Dog House has grown in business rapidly over the last few years, given our great reputation in the community. Thankfully, Steve Delaney joined the team as part owner and experienced dog trainer and, as a result, we have become even greater of a facility in every way.

Together, we are very proud to own this business. The staff at The Dog House has worked very hard to establish and maintain such a wonderful reputation with its customers and the Town of Breckenridge.  We will always operate the business with the highest level of integrity possible, using our proven knowledge of customer service, our love for dogs, and the skill it takes to run a successful dog care facility.

We look forward to seeing your dogs soon!

Rebecca Bean

President and CEO
The Dog House