My daughter Jennifer went to Frisco for a week to visit friends. She was going a long way from home and didn’t want to leave her dog Max so she took him with her. Once she got there Max became anxious and decided not to play nice with other. This left my daughter to stay in her hotel not enjoying time with friends. I called The Dog House in the evening and within 20 minutes I had the most polite and caring individual on the other line. I was able to make arrangements for Max to go to the Dog House for a day and overnight stay. Once my daughter arrived with Max she was delighted with the amenities and thankful for the care and concern for her dog that the staff had. Once she picked up Max the next morning she could tell he was happy and very well taken care of. I have several family members that visit that area and I will spread the word, as I recommend the Dog House highly! Again, thank you for your kindness with my loved ones. Max isn’t just a dog he’s a family member and we would never hesitate you caring for him again. Your friends from Indiana~Jennifer, Theresa and Max


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