The Dog House, Breckenridge – I give it 5 stars, and an extra happy howl

I recommend The Dog House highly. As I understand, it is under new management, and I have recently had a wonderful experience with the new owners. I have a condo in Breckenridge, and needed to come up on a business matter. My 14 year old Weimie, Zeke, is in the very last days of his life. He absolutely loves going to Breckenridge, but he is also extremely frail. So I vacillated back and forth about whether I could safely bring him back to Breckenridge for a final visit.

The Dog House was highly recommended by the local veterinary clinic, so I called and spoke to Rebecca. After that conversation, I had no further concerns about letting Zekie come up to Breckenridge, even given his condition. We arrived to find wonderful padding in a nice, roomy ‘quiet’ area. Unlike many boarding kennels, the floors at The Dog House were covered with a no-slip material that made it easy for Zeke to keep his footing. And as he sometimes now has ‘accidents’, his bedding had already been covered with sheeting that could be easily washed.

Zeke seemed to sense that this was a good, safe place, as he immediately settled in. When I arrived again several hours later, he was sleeping comfortably, having had several short walks.

It has turned out that Zeke has pancreatic cancer. I will always be thankful for our last trip up to Breckenridge. Zekie and I were able to have several walks around the Old Town Reservoir, and he was even able to again go to the beach at Turquoise Lake. I will always cherish those memories, and am including a photo of him – after a swim, and scenting the air at Turquoise Lake. Thank you, Dog House! I wish you great success!

Dr. Janice A. Larkin

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