The Dog House offers personalized one-on-one dog training sessions in basic obedience as well as training to correct common behavior issues.  Call 970-485-4378 (Ruff Dogs, Inc.) or email today to discuss your dog’s individual needs or to schedule an appointment!

Prices as follows:

$75 per session – 1 hour (No minimum number of sessions required)

$40 per Board n’ Train session (Minimum of 3 sessions required) plus overnight fee


Meet the trainers:

Steve Delaney

In my years studying canine behavior, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some excellent trainers.  This experience has given me the ability to take what I have learned and create a unique training program, customized specifically to meet any goals you may have for your dog.  Some of these goals can be obtained in a few sessions; therefore I don’t require long-term contracts or commitments.  Stop by, or give me a call and see why my training methods have proven successful.

Rebecca Bean

I have been a certified dog trainer since 2003 and owner of The Dog House since 2011.  I have a lot of experience working with dogs in many different capacities.  Steve and I prefer to work together during our training sessions because we feel we can give a more well-rounded approach to helping dogs and their owners.  We have very similar beliefs when it comes to the dog pack mentality.  We enjoy working with dogs and their owners because we have the ability to come up with a variety of techniques and ideas during a training session since there are two of us present.  We can help with situations ranging from a new puppy in need of some basic obedience to a dog who may have more specific behavior issues.

                                          Steve Trainer